Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome Back!

Hello Self Publishers!

A new semester is upon us, and I don't know about you but I am excited to get back to school. We will be starting SSP business fresh and early this year. 9am on Monday Morning (the 12th) will be our first meeting. We are going to get ready for, and then participate in the Clubs Fair. We need as much help as possible since we will be putting everything together THAT DAY. (My schedule is packed from now until then and I dont have time to get anything ready before then. but don't worry, we'll be fine) The clubs fair starts at 11am in the B-Wing hallway, at which point I will only need 1 or two people. We wil be selling buttons and zines and handing out flyers, so if you have anythingt os ell get it to me monday morning. We need as much help as we can get, so anyone who doesn't have class PLEASE COME. What better way to start off your year then hanging otu with your zine friends?

ALSO: Our First official meeting will be on Wednesday January 14th at 5pm in the zine library. At this meeting we will begin our plans for Gettazine 2009, and talk abot the future of the Sheridan Self Publishers. we iwll also be adding a fresh new stock to the zine library, so be sure to show up to see what's new and awesome in our zine collection.

Dont Forget. Gettazine is taking place this year on February 5 and 6 from 12-5 pm in the atrium outside the Connexion.

Also: Our next group zine, On the Cusp #2 is going to be compiled rather quickly so we can have it ready for Gettazine. Submissions are due Friday January 23rd. 1-4 pages per member, ANYtHING YOU WANT ON IT (black and white only though) 5.5" x 8" vertical format. You may submit your page digitally, or hand it to me in person. Anyone who participates in On the Cusp gets a free copy when it is printed. Stories, poetry, rants, photographs, drawings, connect the dots, collages, ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Thats all our news for now. See you on monday!

Jen and Thea

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