Tuesday, October 14, 2008


hey everyone.

next meeting is this Friday at 6pm in room A137. Dont forget your photocopies. I'll bringt he printed zines and we will bind them up, and have a fun time working on our collaborative zine. Bring food, drink, music, friends etc. This is going to be a fun meeting.

Also: for those of you interested in Canzine: I have cancelled the bus, If we are unable to organize a carpool we will take the Go Train together and save our receipts and I will try and get everyones travel expenses compensated. (October 26)

See you Friday!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

need help with zine library

if anyone is interested, we will be setting up the new furniture for the zine library and adding allt he new stock
(close to 400 new zines) on monday and we will need help. if youd like to volunteer , meet us around 3:30pm in the atrium at the library (the room with all the plants and chairs and things) this monday. hopefully it will be done in time for the meeting at 6pm.



Saturday, October 4, 2008

Next meeting

hey everyone

next meeting is this monday at 6pm in room A137.

bring your completed 2 week zien project and we will have some fun.

ALSO: check out the new zine library on tuesday! we will begiving it a complete overhaul on monday! take care!