Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Next meeting!

Hi everyone!

Our next meeting will be Monday November 10 at 6pm in room A137

Things to bring:
-your 10 strange and interesting photocopies
-small change to make more photocopies if you need to and buy zines
-your printed zine if you did it yourself
-scissors, glue, black and white media
-food and friends

We will be:
-getting updates on Canzine and the Toronto Small Press Fair
-Having a radical time making our collage zine
-Introduce our next zine project (On the Cusp #2)
-Beginning brainstorming for Gettazine
-trading/buying/ looking at each others 14 day zines! (I have Printed Thea's, Brock's, David's, Nick's and Erin's)


I have decided to buy one full year of advertising for the Sheridan Zine Library in Broken Pencil Magazine. this is costing 75$. We can tlak abotu ways we can raise this money, also, as soon as I get the specs, we will have a design contest to design the ad for anyone who is interested. Winner wins a copy of the latest and greatest book available on zine making: MAKE A ZINE (read abotu it here: http://www.microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/books/1202/ )

Well thats it for now!
See you monday!
Thwere will be lots of new cool zines to read!
Lots of fun to be had!

i know its a super busy time of year but i hope you can afford a few hours to unwind and cut stuff up!

good luck!

Jen and Thea

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